Welcome Class of 2024!

On behalf of the men of Carroll Hall, we would like to welcome you to Carroll Hall, the Lakeside Estate. You have truly won the residence hall lottery. Carroll is home to the self-proclaimed “best 100 guys,” a term that we Ver-men take great pride in. The setting of our hall creates a deep sense of community and brotherhood unique to Carroll. For both of us, Carroll immediately became home. You have been selected to live within a community unlike any other dorm. In our completely unbiased opinion, we host two of the greatest signature events(A Carroll Christmas and Lakeside Music Festival), and have a dorm wide camaraderie that no other residence hall can match. Many of our favorite memories have come in the Carroll first floor lounge on a random weekday night just hanging out with whatever fellow vermin happen to be there, and some of our closest friendships have grown through the exaggerated “super long” walk to campus. We love all Carroll traditions, both official and unofficial, and they make bonding with fellow Vermin easy. Many of the unique features that Carroll possesses may appear as negatives from an outside perspective, but once you live here you realize they generate the perfect storm of circumstances to create something truly special.

You will learn more about what it means to be a Vermin when you arrive in August but the website should cover the basics. As you prepare to move into school in the coming weeks we know you will have plenty of questions, and you will be hearing from us in the future to answer some of those. Until then, we want to wish you a huge congratulations on finding your new home in Carroll, the 2019-20 Hall of the Year(the only ranking system that matters, all the other websites you will inevitably read are wrong). The two of us speak for all of the Carroll Hall Community when we say that we are incredibly excited to welcome you into your new home.


Congratulations, and welcome home,


Tom Monroe and Conlan Jarvis

President & Vice President