Month: September 2017

Kicking off 2017: Carroll cookout and banner raising

Carroll Community,

It was a pleasure seeing many of you during move-in week.  The beginning of the year is an exciting time for us as staff.  We accept all with open arms, and are able witness a diverse group of students become Vermin brothers.

Three weeks of school down, and our hall community is back in the swing of things:

  • We had Professor Asís Martinez-Jerez from the Accounting Department lead a discussion on how to survive and flourish at Notre Dame.






  • Eric unveiled Jackson (his new dog who lives in the Hall) to students.
    Jackson at the first Carroll cookout of 2017. 1/2.

  • We have had record attendance at Chris’ 3rd floor abs on Wednesdays.
  • We have had great weather for each of the first three Carroll cookouts this year.
  • We streamed the Mayweather-McGregor fight.  So much for the luck of the Irish.
  • We painted and raised a new banner for the Temple game.