Welcome from the Captains

From the Welcome Week Captains:


Dear Incoming Gentlemen of Carroll,

There are a lot of things that I am. I’m a student of Theology, German, and Poverty Studies. I’m from a small town known for a University whose mascot is a hat and a scene in Adam Sandler’s the Waterboy. I have been known to accidentally write poems that people like. I am a wrestler and a writing tutor and a Knight of Columbus and a retreat planner. I am a Lime Week celebrator, LaFun loyalist, and a Vermin. Perhaps most relevant to you, I am a Welcome Weekend Captain, someone who wants you to know that you have a home at Our Lady’s University waiting for you in Carroll Hall. In the words of Dr. Ian Malcolm: “Vermin find a way.”

All are most welcome,



Soon to be Vermin,

Welcome to Carroll Hall! You guys won the residence hall lottery for being chosen to be in Carroll Hall and it’s the ambassadors’, Logan’s, and my job to make sure that you know that! I’m a Florida boy, a mechanical engineering major, and proud to be part of Army ROTC (Hooah). I love sports and  I was a part of Carroll’s two recent championship interhall volleyball and soccer teams. If I’m not out kicking a ball around you can probably find me chilling in my room playing my Xbox, add me @atrahevalencia. The last thing you should know about me is that I love Carroll Hall and being part of a band of brothers that don the name of “Vermin.” Carroll Hall has truly become my second home and we are eagerly waiting for you to be part of our home too. I hope you guys find Carroll to be as much of a blessing as I have found it to be during my time here at Notre Dame.

Welcome Home,