What to Expect

The best place to learn about the big details of move-in can be found here: WELCOME WEEKEND 2023

Here are some details about what to expect at Carroll Hall.

Official Video Tour (2022 Version): Click Here!


Laundry Room – machines, dryers, iron and board. Laundry is free!

Kitchen – microwave and larger fridge/freezer. Do college students need anything else? (There is also a stove, oven, and sink.)

Vending Machines

Vacuum Cleaner on each floor

Water Fountain (purified water and nozzle for bottles)

Main Living Room – a very large TV, an Xbox One, and a regulation size pool table. This, along with the den, are 24-hour spaces (girls!).

Weight Room – there is a full free-weight set (up to 70-pound dumbbells), squat rack, lat pull machine, exercise bike. 


During move-in weekend, If you are flying and need to travel light, there is time for trips to stores such as Target, Walmart, and Bed, Bath and Beyond with your parents to buy most of these larger items.

Alternatively, if you are driving, feel free to bring these items from home. However, if all else fails, even Amazon delivers to the Lakeside Estate:


Fan – as of now, Carroll does not have air conditioning above the first floor. Fans are very important during the first few weeks (it can get pretty hot!). However, after a few weeks, the temperature usually drops and the building becomes much more comfortable. 

Painter’s Tape (the rector plans to outlaw duct tape on the walls from now on.)

Power Strips with surge protection, Extension Cords

Winter Coat and Boots – You will have time over Thanksgiving break or fall break to purchase these before the cold really hits. 

Lamps – the ceiling lights are fairly decent compared to some other dorms thanks to the recent renovation. There are also lights in the desks. This being said, lamps for studying and lamps to provide happiness when the sun fails to do so in the late winter (i.e. Nov – April).

Laundry Detergent – Tide Pods are a convenient way to go

Bedding – each bed comes with an EXTRA-LONG twin mattress. Many use an extra foam pad on top.

Sports Equipment – especially bring cleats.  Pads are usually available here for any interhall sports you plan on trying! (football, lacrosse, and hockey are full pads contact).

Shower Supplies, Shower Shoes(!)

Clothing Hangers

Bike and a quality bike lock – from Carroll this is especially important to get to class in a hurry.

Dance/Formal attire – There are formal dances that will call for your sharpest attire. A Suit and tie are sometimes necessary for events like the career fair or interviews.

Things to decide and divide among roommates:

TV – HDMI cables, coaxial TV cable, etc. Most rooms are too small for anything over 40 inches

Game system

Speaker System – Bluetooth speakers come in handy, but usually, the most economical fixed system is something like a desktop computer 2.1 speaker system.

Rug/Carpeting – easier to purchase in South Bend

Futon/Couch – available in South Bend, resale shops, or from the beginning of the year Stepan resale