Hall Staff

“All are most welcome.”

Each student is welcomed into the “Notre Dame Family” in a local and immediate way in his or her residence hall.   Every residence is guided by a specially selected and trained staff who take on the profound responsibility of building community, fostering inclusion, and ministering to the individual needs of residents.


“pastor, disciplinarian, cruise director.”

What is a rector? The term “rector” has unique meaning at Notre Dame.  Rectors include priests and brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross—the founding order of the University—women and men from other religious orders, and lay women and men.  Most are trained in ministry and education.

The rector is:

  • pastoral leader
  • chief administrator
  • community builder
  • university resource

S/he lives in the building full-time and sets the standard for communal life, counsels and advises students as a confidante, and supervises the staff.  At Carroll every resident will be known to the rector by name. He hopes to build trust and respect, always supporting the deep friendships and bonds among Vermin.

Eric T. Styles

Rector Eric T. Styles. Photo by Janie Maki.

Eric, a Chicago native, has been involved in ministry for many years in parishes, middle and secondary schools, and universities. He has a BFA in Electronic Media and an African American Studies minor from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He earned an MA in Applied Philosophy from Loyola University Chicago that combined social philosophy and theology. Shortly after graduating from college, Eric worked as Parish Liturgy Coordinator at Saint Benedict the African (East) Catholic Church in Chicago and as a House Manager for The Theatre School of DePaul University. He was heavily involved in retreat work with Charis Ministries, an outreach of the Jesuits for people in their twenties and thirties. He subsequently joined the Society of Jesus and was in formation for the priesthood for seven years. After leaving religious life, he found his way to Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona and worked as Campus Minister for Liturgy and Faith Formation.

Outside of direct ministry, Eric has been active in the performing arts his whole life. For the last few years he has been helping his two best friends from undergrad grow their Baltimore based, music-driven performance art company, Afro House, as the Associate Artistic Director. When Eric is not geeking out over liturgy, he’ll be writing about theology and contemporary culture, or trying to convince someone of the cultural importance of some of his favorite films or TV shows, especially Star Trek!

Contact: estyles@nd.edu

ASSISTANT RECTORS (ARs) are Notre Dame graduate students who serve in residence halls, living side-by-side with students. The Rector and two ARs form the Head Staff, assisting the Rector with general administration and working to insure  a healthy, safe, and vibrant learning community.  Every evening one of the three Head Staff members is “on duty,” fully available to all the residents. 

LaDarien Harris (3rd Floor)

Hey first-years! Congratulations on embarking on your new academic journey at the University of Notre Dame! My name is LaDarien Harris, I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I attended Houston Baptist University where I was a Track & Field student-athlete. After graduating with a B.B.A. in Marketing, I worked as a marketing and sales manager for an electronic-recycling company for a little over a year. Later, I was a data analyst for a database marketing firm. While there, I also served as a volunteer community organizer for a non-profit that advocates civil and constitutional rights and grassroots activism for working-class families in the Houston area. My experience there gave me the desire to learn more about how law and public policy could be used to help others. Today, I am a juris doctor candidate here at the Law School and a very proud Assistant Rector for Carroll Hall. Looking forward to getting to know each of you and building a community of fellowship at the hall of the Vermin!

David Morris (4th Floor)

AR David Morris

David is a 2L at the law school, born and raised in metro-Detroit.  He is the youngest of three brothers.  His childhood is defined in large part by soccer, camping, and summers on Lake Huron.  David graduated from Kalamazoo College in 2014 with a B.A. in philosophy and economics.  After college, he moved to Boston for two years.  He thoroughly enjoyed the east coast but is happy to call the midwest home again.  David is always up for a brainstorming session of innovative ideas, sharing music, and a run around the lakes.  David is proud to join the Carroll family, and looks forward to sharing this next year with Vermin!

RESIDENT ASSISTANTS (RAs)                                                            

  • The elder brothers of Carroll Hall.
  • Ministers, Professionals, Educators

To be an RA at Notre Dame is one of the most prestigious honors on campus. Chosen only from among the rising seniors, when possible, they are assigned to serve the community they have lived in for three years. RAs are mentors and leaders, truly on the font lines of building a sense of family in their hall.  In Carroll, there is always at least one RA on duty every night, sometimes two. Residents seek them out for advice, support, or just someone to talk to.

Homesick? Need a video game partner? Suffering a tough break up? Looking to vent about that dreaded “Gen Chem” exam? Walk down the hall and find an RA.


RA Jarek Jankowski

President emeritus. Philosopher king. Vermin Supreme. These are just a few of the titles that Jarek Jankowski holds. He hails from Fremont, California, and is studying PLS and Philosophy. Jarek speaks seven languages, but three of them are known by him alone. The sultan of the second floor, Jare bear is the one Carroll vermin who is actually in charge, despite what you may be told. Jarek has been the president of just about every club on campus, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of being truly invested in each and every resident of Carroll, and he will get to know you quicker than anyone else on campus. Catch him around campus napping at the Knights of Columbus building, exploring the library reserves, or setting up for Latin mass. You are even more likely to find him on the first floor of Carroll at 4 a.m. vehemently arguing about deep philosophical truths. He responds to Mr Bear in formal settings.

Jun Park (2 North)

RA Jun Park

Jun was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, but has lived in Brea, California since 5th grade. Surprisingly enough, he willingly chose to leave the beautiful weather of Southern California for South Bend, IN, which he only regrets from October to March. He has lived first three years in Keough Hall, and has moved to Carroll to serve as an RA for his senior year. Jun majors in Science Pre-Professional and aspires to attend medical school after his undergraduate years. He spent his fall semester in London and traveled all over Europe throughout the semester and winter break, so if you have couple hours to spare, ask him how his study abroad was. He is very excited to be part of your freshman experience at Carroll Hall.

Justin Buettner (3rd Floor)

RA Justin Buettner

Justin Buettner comes to us from Belleville, Illinois, that mythical part of the state which is south of the Chicago “suburbs.” A redshirt junior studying Mechanical Engineering, some of his many accomplishments include ruling Carroll Hall as the better half of the Jankowski-Buettner administration (2017-8), being a core member of the 2017 Robot Football National Championship team, and rising from the Dead. He has a love for all things St. Louis Sports (and just sports more generally), making objects out of wood (including the Carroll cornhole set and a significant part of the C.H.S. Black Plague), and playing video games slightly better than Chris. His love for Carroll is rivaled by none, and his passion for our community is manifest in his fearless leadership of Third Floor Abs. When he isn’t hanging around the first floor or cloistered in the second basement of Fitz, he can be found in 319.

Chris Mulholland (4th Floor)

RA Chris Mulholland

Chris Mulholland hails from Atchison, Kansas, a city so small that even travellers of the Oregon Trail didn’t bother to stop there. Chris takes an unreasonable amount of pride in the New York Yankees, the Kansas City Royals, and the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as a reasonable amount of pride in Sporting KC.  He loves Lord of the Rings and playing video games rather poorly. He is a part of the Notre Dame Band and the Hyrbid Electric Vehicle Club on campus. Within Carroll, Chris has served as the Lakeside commissioner, liturgical music commissioner, and as a bassist in Mass Band. He can be found living in the highest room of the tallest tower, more formally known as room 425.


Father Mike Connors, C.S.C.

Fr. Mike Connors, C.S.C.

Rev. Michael E. Connors, C.S.C., Th.D., is a pastoral theologian and homiletician. In 1997 he joined the faculty of the Theology Department at the University of Notre Dame, where he now also directs the John S. Marten Program in Homiletics and Liturgics. A native of the Chicago area, he majored in American History as an undergraduate at Illinois College. He made final profession in the Congregation of Holy Cross in September, 1983, and was ordained to the priesthood in April, 1984. After several years of parish ministry, he did doctoral studies in theology at Regis College in Toronto.  Father Mike has lived on the second floor of Carroll Hall since 1999.

The son of a basketball coach, Father Mike continues to be a huge fan of the sport. But when it comes to baseball it’s White Sox all the way





2017-2018: AR David Morris (below), RA Michael Junker, RA Ryan Mas, Rector Eric Styles, AR Dom Barceleau, RA Chris Hull, RA Peter Chiang.


2016-2017: Rector Eric Styles, AR Dom Barceleau, RA Ryan DiCicco, RA Mitch Meersman, RA Rob Myak, RA Chris Chin, and AR Mike Barrett.


2015-2016: RA Carter Boyd, RA Ben Willner, AR Joe Guenther, Rector Fr. Matt Kuzcora, C.S.C., AR Erik Adams, RA Brenden Forte, and RA Tim Olivier.






Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Erik Adams, Assistant Rector

Joseph Guenther, Assistant Rector

Stephen Claucherty

Eric Donahue

Will Raaf

Michael Silvernagel



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Michael Beard,  Assistant Rector

Ryan Glenn, Assistant Rector

Timothy Brazelton

William Hefferon

Michael Russell

Keon (Peter) Woo



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Ryan Glenn, Assistant Rector

Guy Schwartz, Assistant Rector

Richard Estes

Jason Kippenbrock

Felipe Murguia

Michael Weiss



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Colin Diamond, Assistant Rector

Michael Regan, Assistant Rector

Michael DeRusso

Aaron Patzwahl

John Sanders

Mitch Speer



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Patrick Murren, Assistant Rector

Jason Steidl, Assistant Rector

Cody Borgstrom

Sam Russ

Rich Schroeder

Rob Wilson



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Preston Carter, Assistant Rector

Patrick Murren, Assistant Rector

James Hrdlicka

Adam Miller

Michael Schmitt

Javier Soegaard



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Matthew Palkert, Assistant Rector

Preston Carter, Assistant Rector

Robert Doone

Patrick Hagan

Mark McLaughlin

David Greene



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Matthew Palkert, Assistant Rector

Brian Vassal, Assistant Rector

Peter Hadley

Karl Liebenauer

John Mulvahill

Michael O’Connor



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Brian Kirzeder, Assistant Rector

Brian Vassal, Assistant Rector

Preston Carter

James Grace

Christopher Harris

Patrick Murren



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Thomas Bushlack,  Assistant Rector

Mark DeMott, Assistant Rector

David Di Lorenzo

Bill Jenesta

Brian Kirzeder

Ian Ward



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Mark De Mott, Assistant Rector

Ryan Greenberg

Patrick Mc Quillan

Karsten Steinhauser

Vincent Versagli



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Josef Reimer, Assistant Rector

Jacob Conger

Michael DeMuniz

Daniel Murphy

Elliot Poindexter



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

Josef Reimer, Assistant Rector

Jesus Flores

Son Nguyen

Kenneth Seifert

Thomas (T.J.) Tausch



Fr. James Lewis, O’Carm, Rector

George Rau  Assistant Rector

Dominic Angiollo

Patrick Brennan

Mark DeMott